FACE THE MUSIC (Ravenswood Academy, Book 1)
Contemporary YA

Tate’s dad used to say, “When words fail, music speaks.” It’s the one language she could always hear. Not with her ears, which haven’t worked since birth, but with her heart. To the faculty at Ravenswood Fine Arts Academy, she’s a cello prodigy. To her peers…let’s just say they don’t call her Beethoven because they like her.

Through three years of concerts and solos and duels for chair placements, Tate has always been defined by what she lacks instead of what she has. But this year is different. This year she has Silverton. The prospect of a full ride to the most prestigious music college on the West Coast is enough to make the daily torture known as high school worth it. If she wins that scholarship, she’ll finally find the one place where music overrides her disability. All she has to do is practice really hard, be nothing less than perfect and—duet with pianist Jared Lynch?

In a stunning twist, Silverton decides on a theme competition this year, partnering Tate with the one boy who both frustrates and fascinates her. Jared’s rich, he’s popular, and he’s dating the she-devil rival cellist who crowned Tate Grand Marshal of the freak parade. He also has a passion for music that she yearns to understand and secrets as complicated as Prokofiev’s Sinfonia Concertante. But as they clash over their duet—she wants to play it safe; he wants to risk everything—it’s clear that he has the power to see through the deafness Tate brandishes like a shield.

TURNING CIRCLES (Ravenswood Academy, Book 2)
Contemporary YA

Cassie dances. Ben rides his Harley. Secrets will be shared. Decisions will be made.

Contemporary YA

If Ivy Duvall had to choose one snapshot to tuck inside her heart, it would be the last time her dad smiled at her with recognition in his eyes, seconds before she interrupted a robbery in progress. With her camera harboring painful truths about the boy who shot her dad, and her mom bailing under the pressure of dealing with his traumatic brain injury, Ivy’s lost all courage to look through the lens. The world she’d once embraced is much too uncertain now, her days consumed with caring for her dad, keeping a roof over their heads, and making sure the yearbook committee doesn’t find out just how broken she is inside.

Reputation is everything for Boston Reynolds’s family and his brother took a stinking baseball bat to theirs when he decided to rob that damn store. It’s up to Boston to keep up appearances as the town football hero, but all he wants to do is escape, run as far and as fast from his image as possible and hope his guilt over failing his brother doesn’t catch up to him. Reckless self-loathing spurs him to take himself out of the game and as penance, he’s cut from the team, sentenced to help Ivy with the school’s time capsule project instead.

Ivy’s hatred for the Reynolds’ family is the only thing keeping her going, but, little by little, Boston starts chipping away at it. As he challenges her to pick up her camera again and see life the way she once did, she wonders how a person who loves his family as much as she loves hers could ever be all bad. And if he’s not, how can she ever stop herself from falling for him?